diy shade sails

diy shade sails

Home of diy shade sails for the handyman. We do not install shade sails, but we do make them to your specifications.

eXcite shade sails manufacture quality, diy Shade Sails, Waterproof Shade Sails , for Patio’s, Decks and Pools. New shade sail installations, replacement shade sails and shade sail repairs.

Shade Sails offer protection for your family from the harsh UV sunlight rays making that outdoor entertainment area, patio, deck and pool area more usable. Shade sails also enhance the value of your property. When times are economically tough diy shade sails are a very affordable alternative to expensive building renovations.  For custom made diy Shade Sails our newsletters provide you with all the information you require to plan and complete your project.

eXcite shade sails use quality shade cloth specifically made for shade sails to give you value for money. For the same reason all  fittings and wire are marine grade stainless steel.

diy shade sails Specifications

  • commercial quality shadecloth with manufacturers warranty up to 10 years
  • UV blockout – up to 99% for maximun sun protection
  • reinforced corners with stainless steel ‘D’ rings
  • stainless steel turnbuckles and shackles for installation
  • double row polyester stitching standard (life 4-7 yrs)
    ask about upgrading to PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene) Stitching like Tenara (life 10-15 yrs)
  • a choice of twenty two popular shade sail colours
  • computer designed for best fit

click on the appropriate diagram below, representing the number of fixing points your diy shade sails will have.
If you require something different or with a sail track then contact us by phone or email