Installing your shade sail

Step 5 – Installing Your Shade Sail see also installation video

  1. Lay out your shade sail with the sewn hem side facing down.
  2. Using the plan attached with your order, identify the corners and orientate the sail to the fixing points. Each sail corner will have a shackle or turnbuckle and lacing, unwind the turnbuckles to its full extension.
  3. Connect the sail corners that have shackles to their fixing points.
  4. On the corners where the lacing is tied loop it thru your fixing point and back thru the corner of the sail a couple of times to give a mechanical advantage and tighten so the turnbuckle is 300mm (12”) short of the fixing point

At this point the sail will be looking a little small, don’t panic. In the   manufacturing process, we have allowed for the fact that the fabric will stretch. This means that considerable force will be needed to wrench up the last points to get them close to the fixing points.

  1. At the corner where the turnbuckle is inline with the hem, there are two wire clamps, and the end of the wire. Now pull the wire thru the clamps as tight as you can, then tighten off the clamps.
  2. Next, using the lacing attached to the turnbuckles, close the gap to the fixing point, attach the shackle and remove the lacing.
  3. Now tighten the turnbuckle in the hem.
  4. Then tighten the turnbuckles at the fixing points.

Remember a sail incorrectly installed will flap and damage itself, this is not covered by warranty.

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