Installing Your Shade Sail Fixing Points

Step 2 – Installing Your Shade Sail Fixing Points.

2.1. Fixing to Existing Structures

Check with your local authorities and your home insurance policy.

Caution is imperative when considering fixing to existing structures, such as your house. In instances of strong winds, the loads placed on fixing points by the sail should not be underestimated. . . . → Read More: Installing Your Fixing Points

Installing your shade sail

Step 5 – Installing Your Shade Sail see also installation video

Lay out your shade sail with the sewn hem side facing down. Using the plan attached with your order, identify the corners and orientate the sail to the fixing points. Each sail corner will have a shackle or turnbuckle and lacing, unwind the . . . → Read More: Installing your shade sail

Shade Sail Installation Video

This shade sail installation video is for installing an eXcite shade sail using the ‘inline’ turnbuckle, this gives the installer more controls for tensioning the sail. See also the Newsletter Installing your shade sail.

A good shade sail installation requires tensioning by the corners to the fixing points and it also requires tensioning of its . . . → Read More: Shade Sail Installation Video