To anybody who needs a shade sail,made to measure..you can’t go wrong
dealing with Wayne.He is a professional sail maker and with his
knowledge makes a shade sail that will last you for years. We are sure
glad we took the time to meet with Wayne and discuss our needs and
received a product that is fantastic…Thanks Wayne you have done us


Wayne, the sail looks great out the front of the Vet hospital.
Thanks for your help,
Regards Greg  2015


Hello Wayne,

The shade arrived on Friday and managed to get it installed on Saturday. I attached a supporting wire to the ground for the post at D and tensioned with a turnbuckle and that has given it good stability and no flex at all when we tensioned the shade.

All seems well at this stage but will refer to your details below if at some stage the shade is loosened by the elements.

We are more than pleased with the results. We would like to pass on our thanks to you for a great service. We thought the whole concept of the website was fantastic, very informative for DIY people like us and gave a full appreciation what was involved and an accurate estimate of cost. To simply provide a few measurements and then have a product that is tailored, delivered and so easy to install is great customer service. We would have no hesitation recommending your product to others.

Many thanks.


Michael Wells


Thanks Wayne the sail looks terrific! Now the weather has changed and quite overcast but never mind. My husband still would have liked the yellow but I think we picked well. Thankyou for the speed in dispatch…it’s up and shading the are I wanted it to!

Lesa T   2013


Subject: Re: Car Port


The cover arrived early yesterday morning – I was still in pyjamas!

My neighbour helped me lift it into position.

Did some final tensioning and adjusting this morning.

There’s adequate clearance between the cover and the fascia.

It looks good, fits well and is well made.

Adds a touch of class to the front of the house.

There’s even enough room (just) to drive in with the kayak on top of the car.

Peter, 23 nov 2012



Thanks very much Wayne sail was received last Thursday and erected on the weekend!  Your service was wonderful and would definitely use you again. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. 2011



Really do appreciate the level of customer service you have provided. A credit to you and I will certainly offer future recommendations to anyone looking for a sail. I will certainly return the sail ASAP. I am travelling on business until next Thursday (in the Qantas Club lounge now in Sydney ) so won’t have an opportunity to take it down until the following weekend.

Subject: FW: We are all happy with the new waterproof fabric……here’s proof

Hi Wayne,
Thought you might like have a look at this email I received from Sail City about the “U Beaut” cover.
I have just spoken to him and he says that the fit was fabulous and he is very happy with it.
So there you go….
It is nice to get good feed back!!

G’Day Wayne,
The clears fit like a glove I will call you later to discuss, still need to finish and put ropes on.