Waterproof Sail 3 sides

3 fixing points 3fp

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See eXcite shade sails newsletters for more information on fixing points

Notes to help you fill in the form

  1. Diagram viewed from above
  2. All measurements in millimeters accurate to 10mm. eg 3meters = 3000mm, see conversion table in the sidebar.
  3. Note edges of sails are not straight ,they have approximately 7% hollow.
  4. Measure edges of the sail in a straight line from fixing point to fixing point A-B=, B-C=, C-A=, Do not make any allowances for turnbuckles or stretch.
  5. Turnbuckles fit between sail and pole for tensioning, choose 1 corners only.
  6. Quoted price includes s/s wire, wire grips, D shackles, turnbuckles, free freight.

Length Conversion
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